Story Challenge: Letter “W”

W is for Woman

A woman is warm,
Wealthy with love,
From your worrisome mother
To your wondrous wife.

A woman is willful
Witty and wise
Behind those winsome smiles
A pair of watchful eyes.

Some are experienced, worldly and wild,
Others may be meek and wide-eyed;
More than a handful are wounded and wrathful
But all of them, you’ll find, are equally wonderful.

For when it comes to love she never gets weary
Welcoming arms, wholehearted loyalty.
Well-formed, wispy, whatever she may be,
A woman is precious and of your respect, utterly worthy.


my grandma on her 70th birthday

my grandma on her 70th birthday

More “W” stories at Frizztext’s wonderful blog

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