Daily Prompt: Hindsight

Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.

10/ 18 / 2012

i have absolutely no idea why i have chosen today of all days to create a blog. i have a ton of other things to do including cramming for an upcoming exam! i work as a freelance writer and for some reason people expect me to have a blog. i’m tired of saying “i don’t have one.” and a part of me thinks that i should somehow be embarrassed.haha i knew i had to make one.. if only for the food porn myself. anyway, i’ve been meaning to make one… it’s just that i’m too lazy busy to actually create a post that’s outside of my head. usually the best i can do is to just post some witty status update on Facebook :p i have no delusions of grandeur and i certainly don’t have a comment on everything. matter of fact, i don’t even know what i’m gonna blog about.. fashion? food? beauty? travel? i could only hope that any of my future posts would be just a wee bit helpful or amusing to anyone 😉 guess i gotta stop here and start checking out how this thing works. xo Kz

12/ 03/ 2012

I still have absolutely no idea why I have chosen that day of all days to create a blog… but I’m glad I started. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known any of your blogs… your art… your photos… and the stories behind them. I really had no clue on what I’ve been missing. 🙂

Just took my exams… and a little vacay. I think I got it in the bag! ^^

In my part time work as a ghost writer, I don’t get much opportunity to write freely & creatively. This blog has given me that and more. Still no one that I know knows that I’ve started a blog. I’m kinda glad. Since I’ve been sharing TMI. lol ^^ Afterburn couldn’t have said it better, “blogging is the facebook for intellectuals.” or something. ^^

I take back what I said. I DO have delusions of grandeur. And I DO have something to say about everything. lol I mean have you seen the number of my posts??? ^^

I know now what I wanna write about… I wanna write about all things that I believe in… beauty, fashion, travel, good food, fresh fiction, poetry, and love.

I’m grateful that you’ve found my blog amusing and sometimes even inspiring. 🙂 In fact, I’m just thankful that you even drop by to read my posts. I only planned on blogging for myself… ’til I realized that blogging for BOTH myself AND you guys is much more fun. ^^

After 45(?) days of blogging, I now know that I can pretty much just find everything on WordPress support 😉

xo- kz

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