Writing Challenge: Picture it & Write II

Every fortnight the fantastic ermiliablog hosts a photograph suggested by contributors. People are urged to join in, comment with their paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. Poems, stories, even comments by readers are welcome.

Strawberry curls flying in the wind…
Ring of daises ’round her lovely hair…
As she ran barefooted on emerald grass,
Her laughter filled the soft spring air.

White cotton dress blown by the breeze,
A little girl hiding behind the trees…
A yellow butterfly came in sight,
And her amethyst eyes shone with delight.

On the front porch she awakes from slumber,
Reality creeps in and she’d soon remember…
Those were but mem’ries of days long gone
Eaten by the cancer that brought her down.

Tears filled her pale violet eyes ,
No longer a brilliant purple shade,
Along her hollow cheeks, a steady cascade…
Rosy tresses fell and shorn,
In its place, a ‘kerchief worn.
All beauty was lost, she thought,
All that’s left, a bittersweet dream…
Eternal oblivion she sought.

But a warm hand covered her cold frail one,
With love, gentle lavender eyes shone.
No longer tiny, a li’l more of a lady,
Was the little girl in her dream…
‘twas at that moment that she understood,
Golden locks were not her crowning glory,
But her loving and caring family…
Circles ‘round her eyes, hair cropped and trimmed,
She’s more beautiful now than she had ever been.


other story here

*I have requested to have this piece considered for the Picture it and Write Publication. Thank you. 🙂

photo by ranae

32 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Picture it & Write II

  1. Kz – you made me smile then – suddenly my face fell…and yes, I understood by the last line, but passed a few heavy moments there…there’s much, much more to your writing than meets the eye…
    and you were planning a fashion blog?!

    • hahaha hey! don’t underestimate my fashion sense! 😉 lol i prolly dress better than i write — (or at least i’d like to think so.lol) i still wanna blog about fashion and all my vanity and narcissism. ^^ but maybe i’ll start a separate blog for that ^^

  2. Ack, you got me. didn’t see it coming until it was too late. I just found out my friend’s mom died from cancer. I hadn’t seen her for a few years, but she used to be like a mom to me. Such a hard battle. Beautiful words.

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