Inspiration: What Inspires Me to Blog

“What inspires you to blog? We blog because there are people, places, things, and ideas that we care about so much we can’t help but tell the world about them. We want to know what inspires you. For this special mid-week photo challenge, we want to see portraits of you doing something that inspires you to blog.”

i think what inspires me to blog is life itself 🙂

Just over a month and a steadily growing number of followers…
It may not be plenty enough for you but it’s more than I have ever hoped for.
Thank you. ^^
Did you know that this blog was supposed to be a fashion blog?
Oh come on, surely you’ve noticed my blog title? ^^
I was gonna post photos of myself every day, wearing different outfits, with labels and short descriptions. 🙂
But somehow, I was taken into an entirely different direction.
And I’m glad. 🙂
So this blog is a little hard to define…
I write about anything and everything
Of this world and out of this world…
Fashion, food, travel, sand between my toes
Prose, poetry, crappy photography :p
My own issues, other people’s issues,
I’m just a silly girl with a lot of things on my mind. 🙂
So I guess this is just my little space.
Where everyone’s invited. 🙂

xo – kz

more about my blog here


18 thoughts on “Inspiration: What Inspires Me to Blog

  1. Hi, KZ. Thanks for dropping by in my blog. I have many inspirations to write but most of them are about books. I would like to try writing about fashion sometimes, but I know I am not that good in that area unlike you. 🙂

    Oh, please enter my humble giveaway as it will end soon. Thanks!

  2. I think as we blog we find our passion naturally begins to flow from the keyboard. Your blog celebrates your life in a way that is inspiring and attractive to others. It is authentic and fun. It’ll be exciting to see what direction our blogs take as time rolls on.
    Warmth and Peace

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