The Mission

Copyright-Joyce Johnson

Alexei ran past the dark hallways like a speeding bullet. He has 00:06:40 to slay the Mother in her lair.

Out of nowhere, a new breed came in sight.

He moved swiftly, severing one of its three legs.

A fixture on the wall morphed into a hand; the Director has shown him the way.

He kicked open the door, dove without hesitation, following the cascading waters that lead to the cave.


“He almost killed me!”, exclaimed the old woman, clutching her broken cane.

Another freak accident from this new street drug , the policeman sighed wearily, looking around the apartment.

grabbed from the internet

18 thoughts on “The Mission

  1. I’m so amazed whenever I see one of these 100 word posts – fantastic. Did you know, the Readers Digest has a 100 word story comp on at the moment – entry ends 30 Nov. You should enter 🙂


    • past as in school essay writing and slogan writing competitions that i rarely joined. yeah. ^^ but i’m glad you liked my story. i do work as a writer but not like this.. i write online content, articles, boring stuff.. and i don’t get credit for it btw. i’d find my work online with other people’s names on but oh well, it pays 🙂

        • it’s my part-time job, and teaching. ^^ in fact since i studied foreign language, i kinda stopped writing part time also. just thought i cant keep mixing japanese with english if i wanna be 100% fluent. but hey, seriously, thanks a lot for introducing me to these challenges. i;m just happy to be able to write CREATIVELY for a change. ^^

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