Daily Prompt: Three Letter Words

A little late but here…

Without three-letter words, what would my world be?

Can’t run
No fun
I’d have to kiss goodbye the sun 😦
Can’t go skinny dippin’ in the sea
Oh my afternoon’s just boring
Without a cup of tea 😦
I can’t sweeten it anyway without a honey bee!
I can’t even ride in a car ><
Well at least places here aren't so far.
Can’t go to the spa
Can’t wear a freakin bra.
Can’t chew gum,
Can’t have ham,
Can’t even hum.
I won’t have a job
Yet I can’t even be a bum
There’d be no ice in my water
Can’t even hug my grandmother. 😦
I’d have to be pokerfaced
Coz I can’t be sad,
Or mad..
Or cry
Can’t even have a French fry!
Bright side is, I prolly won’t age
But I won’t mind li’l wrinkles on my face…
I’d rather grow old
Than to be told
That I can’t sit
Or eat
Or pop a fucking zit.

-kz ^^

Daily Prompt: Three Letter Words
Write an entire post without using any three-letter words.

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Three Letter Words

  1. kz, thank you for stopping and liking a recent post. I found your eclectic and eccentric nature quite interesting. I look forward to following your blog for its poetry, its images of all forms, and the travel logs.

    Take care,


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