Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal III

I’m absolutely positively cray cray over this week’s challenge . So much so that this is my third, and I assure you, last entry ^^ ( 1st here, 2nd here )

Renewal can mean a lot of things… It could be a massive life-changing turn of events… a deep realization… the rebirth of things… the rekindling of a fire from the past… or it could simply be returning to your roots. And for me, that is my family.

You already know how much I love summers with my family. During the rest of the year, we may be scattered across the Philippines, Japan, the U.S. and Canada but during summers, we’re one big happy family. ^^ Here are some photos during another lazy summer afternoon. Photos were taken at CWC ( Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex ), another great tourist destination in my beloved province. Also, I wanna go back to what this blog has been initially about. 🙂

pool and cabana


a bite of laing pizza

If you’re a fan of wakeboarding, visit the CWC website here

xo – kz


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