Summer State of Mind

Cold weather is a bitch and a few days ago, the bitch has kicked my ass and given me the finger. >< So here I am cooped up in my room, trying to recover from the flu; there’s really nothing to do except watch Audrey Hepburn movies (that I’ve watched a million times already but I somehow never get tired of) and old Hollywood black and white movies and musicals which my boyfie absolutely hates. As I listen to the heavy downpour from outside my window, I turn my thoughts to happy days… like summertime with my family. 🙂 One of the most underrated destinations for adventure-seekers is the Daruanak Island in Pasacao. Didn’t I tell you there are plenty of amazing tourist destinations in Cam Sur? ^^ It’s an amazing spot for swimming and snorkeling specially for those who want a little privacy. You can also hike up the mountain. Having said that, Ive never been to the Daruanak Island but only admired it from afar… Well, not that far. You’ll see why..


a view of the daruanak island.. ignore me ^^

the daruanak island from afar

How to get there? Take a bus or a plane from Manila to Naga City. At Naga City Bus Terminal, take a van that will bring you to Pasacao. When you reach town, rent a pump boat that will take you to the Daruanak Island.

*there’s no white sand in Daruanak, mostly just rocks.

xo -kz

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