Still Longing for Summer: the Aguirangan Island


These pictures may have been taken two years ago but I thought I’d post these since they’re in connection with my first ever post, Longing for Summer: the Caramoan Getaway. I mentioned in that entry that If you don’t have the guts the time, the energy or maybe the money to visit the Caramoan islands, then perhaps you might wanna consider seeing the Aguirangan Island instead. This 1.5 hectares of fine white sand can be seen on your way to Guijalo port/ Caramoan. You can go there in the morning then head home in the late afternoon. You follow pretty much the same directions when going to Caramoan except at Sabang port, you board a small boat that will take you to Aguirangan Island. Boats going to Aguirangan Island are a lot smaller than boats to Caramoan and there’s a reason behind that; travel time is pretty short compared to the two hour boat ride to Caramoan. On a clear day, expect to reach Aguirangan Island in 45 minutes. Gas for car/ van fare to Sabang port, back and forth boat fare, and cottage rent — a pretty small price to pay for paradise don’t you think?

i see it! the Aguirangan Island

Aguirangan Island is a beauty in the summer… white sand, blue skies, crystal clear waters.. no less than a small piece of heaven along the Lagonoy Gulf. I am so proud of Cam Sur; many may not realize it but there are hundreds of wonderful tourist treasures here waiting to be discovered. On a sunny day, one can be blessed with the majestic view of Mt. Mayon proudly standing with its perfect cone shape. This location is also one of the best diving spots here in Cam Sur. Even when I was swimming standing around (told ya i can’t swim ^^)in very shallow water, a tiny fish swam by my feet! Boyfie put on his goggles and not very far from us was a school of fishes. I got all excited like a little kid. 🙂 I got all sunburned coz it’s just impossible to stay away from the water; it was either that or the cottage.

a majestic view of mt. mayon

mt mayon and its perfect cone

A few reminders:
1) Be sure to bring your own food; don’t expect to find any stores on the island.
2) There are most certainly no hotels/accommodations on Aguirangan island! The best you can hope for is a nice little cottage/hut with a table and bamboos to sit on, so if you’re not up for it, don’t even bother. 🙂 I wouldn’t recommend overnight stays on the island either unless you’re absolutely cray cray then by all means, do whatever…. :p
3) If you live outside Bicol and plan to see only the Aguirangan Island, then I suggest you seek accommodation in Naga City specially if it’s comfort and convenience that you’re after.
4) Please do your part in maintaining the cleanliness of the island. Let’s provide the future generations with the equal opportunity of enjoying these wonderful gifts of nature.

longing for summer…

the beach

P.S. If you think the Aguirangan Island is amazing, then consider it as foreplay a teaser coz the Caramoan islands are di-vine! If you’re not a Bicolano, then you might wanna consider going all the way to Caramoan coz come on, seriously, you’ve come such a long way to simply let your adventure end here.
xO- kz

10 thoughts on “Still Longing for Summer: the Aguirangan Island

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  6. Thanks for mentioning this in your recent Foto Challenge. I’m surprised I didn’t read it the first time. Probably got buried deep in my inbox because I get a lot of spam.. errr.. notifications from you. 🙂 This is really something worth of a little detour on the way to Caramoan. Never seen Mayon from this side of Bicol. Thank you for sharing! Any chance you remember how much you paid for boat?

    • haha yeah i post frequently.. 2x a day. sometimes more ^^ i really cant remember.. was a long time ago. but i’ll ask around maybe someone’ll remember thanks ^^

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