Well Hello There Sexy Stud, I’ve Missed You! (Spikes and Studs DIY)

Look anywhere and you’ll probably agree that studs and spikes just seem to be everywhere! My reaction: “Well it’s about time, damnit!” 🙂 I remember them being sooo hottt a few years back. I also remembered lusting over a pair of red Miu Miu fuck-me sexy heels and the Burberry Prorsum Knight Studded Satchel  I saw in a copy of Elle magazine. Now I’m going absolutely cray cray coz they’re making a huge comeback. In my mind, however, they never left.
One of the downsides of living in a small town is that no matter how fashion conscious you are, finding cool items to complete your wardrobe can be a bitch rather challenging. Thank God for online shopping! …and relatives living abroad. 🙂 Recently though, I’ve found a new way to feed my insatiable lust for clothes : DIY projects! No, I can’t sew and I sure as hell am no fashion designer but piercing holes on fabric –that I can do. My first DIY project was turning a drab denim jacket into a fab denim vest; it was so addicting a success so I went and used my extra studs to make a pair of shorts from an old pair of jeans that I didn’t even realize I own. Now I can’t stop scouring my closet for whichever clothes I can stud the hell out of. Leather jackets, boots, bags, belts… the list goes on.
This project is ridiculously easy; a pack of studs and spikes, a pair of scissors and a blunt bread knife and you’re good to go. The back of these metal studs usually have a couple of prongs attached on either side. All you have to do is to firmly push the stud against the fabric and secure the prongs with the blunt bread knife by bending them. Some studs and spikes consist of connected screws; in that case, you need to make a tiny hole on the garment first then place the stud on top of it. Then, from the inside of the clothing, just push the screw back and turn it tightly. You’re welcome. Lol
But seriously, I never said that I was able to finish my DIY project without accidentally piercing my fingertips at least once… or twice.. or thrice..or aaaaanyway, just be careful. Point is, if someone as clumsy as me here can do it, then you sure as hell can. DIY projects like these not only provide fashionistas with a means to catch up with the latest fashion trends; they also enable us to revamp our wardrobe while saving big bucks. So before you go shopping, you might wanna consider giving your old clothes a second look.




I decided to make a heart design on the back of the vest to give it a bit of a feminine touch. The thing about this denim vest is that it’s so versatile; I can pair it with just about anything from flirty florals to tulle to animal prints.

from plain old pants to shorts with an attitude

I never liked the cut of those pants and they’ve been living in my closet, taking up space for God knows how long.. Now, as studded denim shorts, they’re a perfect addition to my rock chick collection.

another pair of old jeans by Guess

Looks like I’m gonna be forever apologizing for low quality pictures 🙂 I just took ‘em with my phone and to be honest, I am just lazy suck at photoshop.

1) Work on a flat surface
2) You might wanna make use of a ruler and a pencil if you’re very particular about the placement and distance of your studs
3) If the fabric is a bit wrinkled, consider ironing it first
4) Apply a thin coat of colorless nail polish on your metal studs to protect against rusting

I plan to make more of these… Of course, I’m still planning on stocking up on studded items from my fave brands but there’s just something about having at least one studded number which you know only you can have.

xO- kz

11 thoughts on “Well Hello There Sexy Stud, I’ve Missed You! (Spikes and Studs DIY)

  1. wow! nice…i was thinking of making a bag out of my hubby’s still new denim guess pants which has damage on the crotch…hahaha! or can you suggest a more suitable project for it?

    • depends on the extent of the damage. anyway, destroyed jeans are still hot right now! wow sounds cool, let me know how your project goes ^^

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  3. They look nice. Not sure if I know the difference between studs and spikes. I assume the spikes are the ones that have prongs that needed to be folded over and pinched down. I remember doing something like this for my eldest daughter when she was in school. I combined them with embroidery and tiny beads to make a truly unique design.

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