i have absolutely no idea why i have chosen today of all days to create a blog. i have a ton of other things to do including cramming for an upcoming exam! i work as a freelance writer and for some reason people expect me to have a blog. i’m tired of saying “i don’t have one.” and a part of me thinks that i should somehow be embarrassed .haha i knew i had to make one.. if only for the food porn myself. anyway, i’ve been meaning to make one… it’s just that i’m too lazy busy to actually create a post that’s outside of my head. usually the best i can do is to just post some witty status update at Facebook :p i have no delusions of grandeur and i certainly don’t have a comment on everything. matter of fact, i don’t even know what i’m gonna blog about.. fashion? food? beauty? travel? i could only hope that any of my future posts would be just a wee bit helpful or amusing to anyone 😉 guess i gotta stop here and start checking out how this thing works. xo Kz

3 thoughts on “Finally!

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