100 Nightmares is here!!!


Hi everyone! This is probably one of the proudest moments of my life. :) haha All the hard work has finally paid off and I managed to make an eBook, yay!! I would like to thank everyone who supported me from the very beginning and those who are here for me still. :)

100 Nightmares is here!!! And it’s available at Amazon.com, Lulu.com and Smashwords.

100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano is a collection of 100 horror stories, each written in exactly 100 words, and accompanied by over 50 illustrations. Inside, you’ll find monsters—both imagined and real. There are vengeful specters, characters with impaired psyches, dark fairy tales and stories and illustrations inspired by bizarre creatures of Japanese folklore.

Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t let that stop you from reading 100 Nightmares! The full-color versions of the book are available at Lulu.com and Smashwords as a downloadable epub. (i actually prefer that you purchase through these places so you’ll surely get a full-color copy and be able to appreciate all 50 illustrations)

100 nightmares x900

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Link to Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/kz-morano/100-nightmares/ebook/product-21592369.html

Link to Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/431783

Creating Lulu and Smashwords accounts can be done in very easy steps (sign up, verify email, buy) and you can purchase the book using PayPal and other major cards.
Here’s a link in case you don’t have an epub reader installed: http://www.adobe.com/sea/products/digital-editions/download.html (seriously, you can’t have an excuse for not getting a copy!) lol :)

A fair warning: This book is not for the faint of heart, the prudish and the overly religious. ah but you get my point. ;)
For those who love horror and stories with a dark twist, I sincerely hope that you enjoy my book.

Lastly, if you like 100 Nightmares, don’t forget to leave a review afterwards. We all know how reviews affect readers’ decisions on whether to purchase a book or not. :) :) :) If you prefer to create a review in Goodreads, the 100 Nightmares page is right here

Don’t like horror? It’s alright. But a reblog/ share via twitter/FB/others would be wonderful. Help me spread the word about 100 Nightmares!

Thank you so much. <3

xoxo K.Z.

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a shout-out to Bram Stoker Award®-nominated author Charles Day


It means a lot to have a blurb written by an author that you truly respect and admire.

Inside my upcoming book, 100 Nightmares, are a few words from Bram Stoker Award®-nominated author Charles Day.

Charles Day A.K.A, the evil Jester, is the Mentor Program Committee Chair for the Horror Writers Association and co-chair for their NY/Long Island chapter, member of the HWA library committee and a member of the New England Horror Writers Association. He is the Co-Owner/Operator at Grant-Day Media, Co-Founder/CEO at Evil Jester Comics and Co-Founder/CEO at Evil Jester Press.

More than that, Charles Day is a truly great guy. He is undoubtedly one of the coolest writers that I know. Despite his talent and success, he has always managed to remain humble.

Charles is also an artist and an illustrator—a man of many talents and passions. He’s a very hardworking person and I am so thankful, truly honored that he took time out of his busy schedule to read an advanced copy of my book.

You’ll be pleased to know that Charles Day has plenty of projects lined up for 2014, including his first co-authored novel with Mark Taylor, REDEMPTION (April, 2014) a comic book series based on the ADVENTURES OF KYLE McGERRT trilogy, and THE LEGEND OF THE PUMPKIN THIEF comics series (Yes! I’m really looking forward to this one! I had so much fun reading the book and absolutely fell in love with the characters. Remember, this was the novel that changed my mind about YA horror). :) :)
Watch out too for his first middle-grade series, THE UNDERDWELLERS, and his third YA novel, IMMORTAL FAMILY.

If you like well-written atmospheric mystery and horror with interesting and believable characters, be sure to check out some of Charles Day’s page-turners! xo

Bram Stoker Award®-nominated novel The Legend of the Pumpkin Thief


Deep Within
— a story of an ancient terror reborn

a shout-out to horror author Gary Murphy


Inside my upcoming book, 100 Nightmares, is a blurb by horror author Gary Murphy.

Gary Murphy is a nerd who was trained in ancient martial arts by Bruce Lee’s training partner. I’m not BS-ing! (That must’ve been a looong time ago, though. :) :) :) )

He’s been published in so many horror anthologies and magazines that I simply gave up counting. We share a few anthologies such as Bones II, the recently released Memento Mori by JWK Fiction, and the upcoming Dark Fairy Tales Revisited by Horrified Press.

He is the author of numerous books including Hellish Redcap and the recently published Blood Red Putin and Other Zombie Tales.

Murph, as I like to call him, is based in the UK. He sometimes writes under the name GK Murphy.

He’s actually one of the very few people that I chat with at FB.
You see, a few months ago, in my quest to ‘find my genre’, I started writing horror stories. He was one of the few writers who welcomed me and encouraged me.

That means a lot to a newbie.

“Develop your own voice, that’s my best advice. People will inevitably admit if you’re original…”

Thank you for those words, Murph. :) (and for saying it in a totally non-condescending way ^^)

When I joked about creating my own story collection, he cheered me on.
It felt wonderful to receive words of encouragement from a very prolific author. I see his stories getting published in several different places week after week and I find that to be very inspiring. I also appreciate that he’s not selfish with his talents or his wisdom.

When I asked him how he does it, his answer was simple:
“It’s just sitting down each day, having a long think, and then transferring it onto the screen. Dedication and lots of inspired thought.”

The reason why we ended up chatting a little, I guess, is because we’re both introverts. Once, he mentioned: “I just want a quiet life, but some success.”

But while the man is unquestionably a mean writing machine, I think he might need a little help in promoting his stuff. :)

Gary Murphy’s recent books are available on Amazon and Lulu :) If you like the horror genre, you might wanna check these out. ;) xo

P.S. Not familiar with Lulu? (coz a few days ago, I wasn’t.lol) I’ve discovered that Lulu is a great platform/ place to purchase ebooks. You can read the epub version of the book on your computer. Just create an account in very easy steps and make sure you have an epub reader installed. Another plus is that readers have the option of purchasing via PayPal. Just sayin.

Inside 100 Nightmares


Inside 100 NIGHTMARES, you’ll find…

Shirime 尻目

Shirime 尻目

Kanashibari 金縛り

Kanashibari 金縛り

14 stories and illustrations inspired by Yōkai, monsters in Japanese folklore

Coming this April!

100 nightmares x900

100 Nightmares is a book with 100 horror stories, each written in 100 words, with over 50 illustrations. It’s a wicked concoction of scary tales ranging from supernatural themes to murderous maniacs to dark fairy tales and monsters– real and imagined.

Don’t forget to like the Facebook page :) https://www.facebook.com/100Nightmares xo

The Rescue

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

The Rescue

The fructification chamber is where they harvest thoughts… from children, mostly, because they have the grandest imaginations.

They sit, inhaling the drugging vapors, their brains imprisoned within their curious fantasies.

Their dreams nourish the now lackluster world… the very essence of their visions, their hopes, even their nightmares, extracted to create an elixir for the exhausted.

The clients are mostly artists, filmmakers, writers who have lost their touch but refuse to give way.

Surrounded by lazy curls of smoke are rows of orphaned and abducted children.

He unstraps a girl from the chair
and screams at what’s beneath the helmet.

Hi FF family! I’ll probably be late in reading some of the other stories. Another busy week for me. It’s Holy Week and i have a very religious family and i need to seek atonement for my sins. (takes a few days) lol so I guess that’s a pretty legit excuse :) Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers for two years now! Wow. And thank you as well to the people who provide the photos to inspire us every week. this week’s photo is from Douglas M MacIlroy.
Here’s to many more years of great writing and meeting new friends. xo

Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction, Now Available in Paperback!


I can’t believe it! I’ve been so busy with 100 NIGHTMARES that I failed to update everyone on this awesome anthology. Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign and pre-ordered. It was a success. :)

I’ve started reading my contributor’s copy and I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite collections. Seriously– forget my little story– the authors here are incredibly talented and the stories are so imaginative and well-written. The first few stories wowed me and I can’t wait to read all of them. If you like sci-fi, dystopian futures and fantasy with heart, do grab a copy. Each of the stories are set in various Asia-Pacific countries– Japan, the Philippines, China, Hawaii, Malaysia, Australia, India, South Korea and so much more.

My story in this book is entitled “Kitsune” (yes, it’s the one on the lovely cover by Jun Hun Yap) and it’s actually a simple love story and a re-imagined fantasy/mythology. :)

The paperback version is now available on Amazon. Watch out for the Kindle version as well. xo

Serrated Roses is Currently Seeking Submissions!



got a story? Serrated Roses is open for subs. the next issue’s theme is GRIT.

Originally posted on Serrated Roses:

Are you a writer or poet of a darker literary ilk?  Are you a photographer or artist who pushes the envelope? If so please consider submitting for our upcoming issue!

The theme for Spring/Summer 2014 is Grit.  Think…. “no pearl without grit” (to borrow a term from David Brazier).

Please see our submissions guidelines for more information.

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A Story For Saturday: Seeing Blue by Paul D. Brazill



the brilliant Paul D. Brazill posts stories on his blog every Saturday. check this out if you’re a fan of crime fiction or if you like good writing :)

Originally posted on PAUL D. BRAZILL:

Snapshots First, it all turns red. And then it goes black for a very long time. After that, everything is a searing white. Until I see Blue.

Then everything hurts. Everything.

Blue reaches into a rusty tool box. Takes out a hammer. Snorts some Charlie from the window ledge. Pops a duck egg. And walks towards me.

Black, again.


Now, the room is a muddy brown. Early evening or late morning. An old transistor radio on the mantelpiece leaks out hits of the ‘80s. Jason and Kylie. Kajagoogoo. Johnny Hates Jazz.

I can make out Blue Dobson’s massive frame in the corner of the room. He is naked. His jigsaw of tattoos exposed. His long red hair tied back in a ponytail.

He’s doing press ups. And repeating a mantra, “Fuckemall, Fuck em all, Fuckemall, Fuck em all.”

And then I start to panic. I try to drag myself free…

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